Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Artifact for the group project Rise Fitness Gym.

This is the short commercial I shot with Aleki. The reason I made this commercial was to really quickly point out that hope shouldn't be lost to anyone who may have lost a leg. I specifically made this commercial to appeal to millennials or young adults who have lost a body part maybe from either war or an accident. the reason it was shot in an apartment and not a gym was because I wanted to make it feel personal. How many gym commercials do you see at a gym of just people working out? I wanted this to feel different because it is a different kind of gym. I used a lot of shots that moved the camera slightly to make it seem like a news interview and i wanted to get good B Roll of Aleki just adjusting to life without a leg (even though he has one). My only gripe with shooting this commercial was that i couldn't get a wheelchair but in hindsight i feel like this is better because it shows that you don't have to be bound to a wheelchair like a prison cell if you truly work for it.  The commercial is Aleki descibing that it was hard at first to deal with not having a leg but when he found Rise Fitness it gave him the confidence to get back out in the world. The only graphics in the commercial are for Rise Fitness and the domain risegym.com.

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